5 Quick & Easy Nutella Snack Recipes

In honor of World Nutella Day I thought I’d post some of my favorite, easy Nutella snacks that taste great.

1. Nutella & Bread or Toast – Of course this is a classic quick Nutella snack. My preference is to use toast so the Nutella melts a bit while you eat it – yum, yum, yum!

2. Nutella on Strawberries – Did you think you had to sweat in the kitchen for hours to have the taste of delicious chocolate covered strawberries? Not at all! You can either use Nutella like a dip for whole strawberries or smooth it onto a strawberry that’s cut in half (that’s what I do).

Warning – highly addictive! A twist on this would be to try Nutella in a Chocolate Fondue and since today is also National Chocolate Fondue day it would be a good day to try it out! (Or, wait till Valentine’s day and surprise your sweetie). I have a cute little heart-shaped Chocolate Fondue set that heats with a candle, easy-peasy.

3. S’mores With Nutella – I know it’s not the right season for these but who doesn’t love s’mores anytime? This summer I camped with friends and instead of using chunks of chocolate that don’t melt properly, we slathered Nutella onto a big graham cracker and then popped a roasted marshmallow on top. Now you could do the same without the campfire, just assemble the entire s’more (graham cracker, Nutella, marshmallow) and pop it into the microwave for a few seconds. Don’t microwave too long, though, or you’ll end up with a big mess!

4. Nutella Wrap – Grab a small tortilla wrap and smother it with Nutella for an easy dessert on the go. You can add sliced strawberries or anything else you like and then wrap it up. If you want to serve while entertaining (maybe at tonight’s superbowl) then you can slice your wraps into bite-sized pieces.

5. Nutella on Ice Cream – Want to snack in ice cream heaven? Add Nutella on top! Yes, it gets kinda hard and it’s a little hard to spread over top of your ice cream, but adding it on this frozen treat makes it 10 times better (bet you didn’t believe that was possible!). I usually opt for adding my Nutella to plain vanilla and it’s delish, but you can add it to any flavor ice cream or frozen yogurt you like 🙂

What about you? Got any favorite Nutella snacks or recipes to share?
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2 thoughts on “5 Quick & Easy Nutella Snack Recipes

  1. Love a banana Nutella quesadilla!!! Just spread the Nutella on a flour tortilla add sliced banana ,top with another flour tortilla and put it in a pan with a little butter then flip to toast the other side. Relish as a snack or a yummy breakfast!

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