Nutella Snacks To-Go!

After I wrote my last post on Nutella Snack Recipes I checked my stats and noticed a little spike in traffic. I also got an email from about some pretty cool Nutella snack products I didn’t know about!

So with all the interest in Nutella and with it being a love of mine I thought I’d do this follow-up post on Nutella Snack Ideas for people on the go… take them with you! Continue reading

5 Last Minute & EASY Valentine’s Chocolate-Lover’s Gifts…

Oops! It’s 5pm on Valentine’s Day and you forgot to buy your sweetie a gift. While I’m sure she will forgive you, or he’ll get over it (hehe) here are five really last-minute Valentine’s Day Chocolate gift ideas:

1. Strawberries and Nutella – Easy, peasy and delicious!

2. Chocovine Chocolate Wine – While this wine is a sweet treat, today is a great day to indulge. Call your local liquor store to see if they carry it. I had my first taste of this wine this weekend, delish!

3. Quick Chocolate Gift Basket – You can go to the grocery store or Wal-Mart and pick out a bunch of chocolatey gifts like chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolate covered almonds and other sweets for your sweetie.

4. Chocolate Cake – You could buy a great cake or you could sneak into the kitchen for an hour and whip one up if you’re the cooking kind.

5. Old Standby Box of Chocolates – Of course a good quality box of chocolates is a good gift for any chocoholic sweetie.

These quick and easy last minute gifts should keep you out of hot water. Any chocolate-lover will appreciate your thoughtful attention to satisfy their need for both love AND chocolate. Good job!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


5 Quick & Easy Nutella Snack Recipes

In honor of World Nutella Day I thought I’d post some of my favorite, easy Nutella snacks that taste great.

1. Nutella & Bread or Toast – Of course this is a classic quick Nutella snack. My preference is to use toast so the Nutella melts a bit while you eat it – yum, yum, yum!

2. Nutella on Strawberries – Did you think you had to sweat in the kitchen for hours to have the taste of delicious chocolate covered strawberries? Not at all! You can either use Nutella like a dip for whole strawberries or smooth it onto a strawberry that’s cut in half (that’s what I do).

Warning – highly addictive! A twist on this would be to try Nutella in a Chocolate Fondue and since today is also National Chocolate Fondue day it would be a good day to try it out! (Or, wait till Valentine’s day and surprise your sweetie). I have a cute little heart-shaped Chocolate Fondue set that heats with a candle, easy-peasy.

3. S’mores With Nutella – I know it’s not Continue reading

Chocolate Cake Recipes From Scratch

Did you know that January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day? Well of course the perfect way to celebrate is with chocolate cake. No matter if it is the 27th or not, chocolate cake recipes are always welcome in my house!

If you’re like me making a cake from scratch feels a bit overwhelming. I mean I usually wonder: Will it come out right? Will it take too much time? Will it taste good? Is it worth the effort?

I did a little research because I want a great chocolate cake recipe for my son’s birthday this year and it’s time to start testing. Here are some recipes I think I’ll try and I think you might like them, too. Let me know if you use any of them (or plan to) by posting a comment below! Continue reading

Xocai Chocolate Review

There was a time when I wouldn’t touch dark chocolate. I thought any chocolate without sugar was no chocolate of mine!

These days things have changed dramatically. I’m on the lookout for great dark chocolate bars and healthy chocolate alternatives. I became aware of Xocai chocolate through my very own facebook fanpage.

When I asked the question “What’s Your Favorite Chocolate Bar?” I got this response from one of my ‘fans’:

Continue reading